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Google Clarifies Links for Blog Reviews

Important Read for all Bloggers. Google have clarified their linking policy for review posts.

Last week Google clarified their position on linking from review posts. If you are blogging about products which you have been sent or experiences which you did not pay for this applies to you. We know what the law is in the UK and the ASA have previously offered guidance to bloggers. Now Google have published…

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Dealing with Online Criticism

Creating content for the world to see via your blog or social media can be open up a world of connection, relationships, growth and opportunities. I have made friends and started businesses over my Instagram and Twitter feeds.  However, those same awesome channels can also open you up to criticism by people you may or may not know….

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Review Posts

Being offered products, travel, tickets and other freebies is a definite perk of being a blogger.  However, adding reviews to your blog content needs to be as thoughtfully done as the rest of your content to make sure its a success for you and the brand you are working with. Last week, we talked to bloggers…

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How to Name Your Blog Photos

We’ve mentioned it again and again, but let’s do it one more time – Have you named your blog photos yet?  You should! Naming your photos is an important part of search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO can seem like a dark art, but really its the simple idea of making your content as accessible as possible…

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5 Things to Check Before You Hit Publish

5 things to check before your publish your blog post - from

1. Do you have share-worthy images? Make sure at least one of your images is optimised for Pinterest. That means its portrait orientation (long and thin) and for added pinability, it could have a call to arms on the photo itself. Facebook and Twitter show landscape images best (and Facebook limits the amount of text…

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