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The Devastating Impact Brexit Could Have on the Blog and Influencer Business

In this blog post Adam Walker, The Male Stylist lays out some of the consequences of Brexit, and in particular a hard or no-deal Brexit, for our industry. It may be the most boring topic of all time but it does pose a risk to our industry and we need to discuss the many ways…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Review Posts

Being offered products, travel, tickets and other freebies is a definite perk of being a blogger.  However, adding reviews to your blog content needs to be as thoughtfully done as the rest of your content to make sure its a success for you and the brand you are working with. Last week, we talked to bloggers…

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Make The Daily Less of a Grind and More of a Dream

Yesterday was my first day back at work after my summer break this year and the last thing I wanted to do was sit at my desk and work. It was sunny, I had accounts to do and I just wanted to be back on holiday and doing ANYTHING except work. Despite building a business…

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The 20 Best Podcasts for Creative Bloggers

20 best podcasts for creative bloggers

  Here at Blogtacular HQ, podcasts are the new books. We are both huge fans of the medium and frequently discuss our favourite episodes the way in which other co-workers discuss what they are reading (orthe TV shows they watched last night).  From business to interviews, craft to architecture, our podcast playlist is chock-full and that’s…

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5 Ways to Grow (and Keep) Your Audience

5 ways to grow and keep your blog audience from Blogtacular

Most bloggers will tell you that one of their goals for their blog is to reach more people with their content, but getting the clicks over to your site can be hard.  Growing your audience doesn’t happen overnight and can take years to build a substantial and loyal following. 1. Spend Time Developing Your Content…

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