Blogtacular News


People often ask us if we get to take a break after Blogtacular….well the answer is most definitely “No!”. Blogtacular business continues throughout the year and the weeks following the event tend to be some of the busiest! If you aren’t following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or aren’t subscribed to our newsletter, here are some of the things that have been happening with us:

– We were so excited to see Blogtacular in Mollie Makes this month. Not only did we get a lovely write up, but they featured our Life Planner as well!! You can buy issue 56 here.

– Talking about our Life Planner, we are getting closer to release date and can’t wait until you can hold them in your hands.  For those who preorder, we have some fantastic downloads as part of our preorder package including and illustrated quote by Lisa Congdon.

– Our virtual conference is going live this week!  Have you bought your ticket yet?  We are releasing 4 unmissable talks and there are still some goodie bags left.

– We are already plotting and planning for Blogtacular 2016. Early Bird tickets are going on sale on the 28th of August after that they will not be on sale again until 2016.  If you want to be in the first to know when the are released, sign up here!