Blogtacular Launches!

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Hooray – today is the day we have been dreaming of!

For years we’ve been holding a conversation about the kind of blog event we want to attend. Watching YouTube broadcasts of inspirational speakers and saying ‘One day, it would be so cool to hear them talk!

A couple of months ago we decided to stop waiting for one day and to create our own creative hub for all the wonderful people online to come together to meet, share and inspire.

Blogtacular is a place to realise all of those dreams and more. We have hired The Royal Institution to host our very first conference for 300 blogging delegates on 9th & 10th May 2014.

We hope that Blogtacular is more than the event of our dreams – we hope it’s the event of yours too!

Please let us know who we should ask to speak and what kind of sessions we should run.

Enjoy looking around and please join us on Wednesday 7th August at 8pm London time for a chat about everything blogging under the hashtag #blogtacular.

Kat & Kat x