Blogging Inspiration Chat


Last week’s Blogtacular Chat was all about Inspiration – where to find it, what makes a blog inspiring and how to ensure you keep inspired when the well runs dry.  For the full chat, check out our storify of the chat.

We started out looking at how chatters were inspired to start blogging in the first place.






Many bloggers were inspired by seeing others’ blogs and wanting to do something similar, though many also said they felt it would be good for business.

Question 1 was all about where chatters get their inspiration from. inspiration-Q1

Bloggers look to other blogs and “real life” for blog posts.

Getting through times where your enthusiasm for blogging is low, can be hard.  We asked chatters where they look for inspiration in those times.


Overwhelmingly, chatters take a break from blogging to get some space – getting out and doing things to blog about.

For question 4, we asked bloggers which bloggers they get their inspiration from:


Very popular in the chat (and awesome friend of Blogtacular) was Oyster and Pearl.  Check out the links in our Storify to follow them all.

When we asked bloggers what they felt the secret to writing an inspirational blog, chatters felt that authenticity was the key.

Chatters were also asked what they wanted from Blogtacular in May to inspire them..


Details on the schedule soon, but we *can* say there is going to be a styling session!!