Blogging for Business Chat

This week our twitter chat was all about blogging for your business. Whether you have a shop or are a freelancer, whether your blog came first or is a channel for your business we talked about all the different aspects of writing an engaging blog for your business.

You can read the chat in full on Storify and if you’d like to join the twitter chat then log on at 9pm GMT every Wednesday night!

Business Blog Chat

We kicked off the chat by asking which came first – the business or the blog. Many people said the blog gave them a platform to launch a business or opened up creativity they hadn’t realised was there. Others had a distinct plan for their business and used a blog to help tell their story.

Business Blog Chat 1

The majority of contributors saw a blog as essential for their business citing SEO, personality, demonstrating taste and connection as some of the reasons their business needs a blog. Others said it was one of the first elements to go when time poor.

Business Blog Chat 2

One of the big questions about having a blog for a business is how you balance, personal, behind the scenes and business posts.

Readers will come back time and again if you are giving them something they can’t get elsewhere. Whether it’s a peek into the design process, the first glimpse of a new collection or interesting posts which help them in their lives it’s all about providing something they want to read.

Business Blog Chat 3

Being in business is probably one of the biggest roller coasters you’ll ride. The highs can be exhilarating but there are also plummeting lows. The question is how much of this do you share with your audience?

Often it’s about outlook; if you’re at the bottom of the dip looking up at the challenge ahead that can be incredibly engaging for an audience who are rooting for you to succeed. Being able to take a step back and analyse what went wrong can also help others in their creative process.

This Weapons of Mass Creation talk by These Are Things that Anne linked to is a great example of how an overnight success might not be what you think.

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We know there are so many companies and indies out there killing it on their blogs. Here are a few of the recommendations form the chat, for more check out the Storify in full.

Business Blog Ticket Tweet

Oh and this kind of tweet pretty much makes our week every time. Hooray! We can’t wait to meet you in May Kim x