Announcing Microsoft at Blogtacular

Microsoft at Blogtacular Announcement

This year we excited to announce the Microsoft are coming to Blogtacular. Yes, Microsoft are putting on a session dedicated to the power of content in today’s media and how you can harness it in your work. Over the last three decades, Microsoft have transformed the way we live, work, play and connect. Microsoft’s global vision…

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Mollie Makes at Blogtacular 2016

Mollie Makes are back at Blogtacular 2016. This year you are going to get a whole lot closer to Team Mollie. Once more Mollie Makes are taking care of the photography so you will have high quality images of the event to use across your blogs. All ticket holders will get a link to the…

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West Elm Opening Night Paper Maker Party!

  West Elm are hosting the opening night party and now we can reveal just how awesome it’s going to be. As huge supporters of the maker community the West Elm party brings us together for fun and makes. This year’s party theme is paper and all of the crafts you’ll enjoy are based on…

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Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Characters

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit

Twitter released details today of long speculated changes to the 140 characters. Now don’t panic; the 140 limit is still in force, it’s just a little more flexible. Currently when you tweet with an @mention, link or photo you would use up characters for each of them. Now twitter are allowing you to add in…

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Announcing Sudo at Blogtacular

Sudo at Blogtacular

Today at Blogtacular we are thrilled to announce that SudoApp will be joining us at Blogtacular 2016. Sudo is a brand new messaging app that provides you with complete email addresses, and customized global phone numbers that allows you to call and text anywhere in the world for free. Sudo also has a built-in secure…

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