Blog Organisation Tips Chat


Nothing like a new year for motivation to get yourself organised!! Last week’s Blogtacular chat looked at just that – from editorial calendars to managing your inbox, check out our tips to keep you on top of everything.

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Our chat started with looking at how organised bloggers rated themselves.


Though there was a mix of answers, most felt that it was something they were working on.

Planning blog posts is something that seems to divide bloggers – some do it with paper or electronic systems, others plan it on their head and some just go with spontaneity. Q1

Google calendar proved to be a very popular tool for bloggers to plan their content.

Seasonality is an important consideration when planning content.


Many bloggers would like to plan more seasonally, but admit it can be a challenge.

Even if topics may be planned in advance, bloggers still go about publishing their content differently, with some writing then publishing immediately, and others scheduling further in advance.


Many bloggers work to a middle ground, writing the night before then publishing in the morning.

Bloggers all have different priorities to juggle and staying productive is a challenge.


Staying off social media when writing was recommended by many chatters as their #1 way of keeping on task and getting things done.

Managing emails is a challenge for many.  Our chatters had some great tips.


Going forward, many of our chatters were looking to do more planning to get themselves organised in future.
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