Big Changes to Instagram and How to Make the Most of Them


The changes to Instagram this August are possibly some of the most significant since they took away the frames.

Instagram Size and Location Changes and How to Make the Most of them

Last week, Instagram announced that you can now upload portrait and landscape photos and videos alongside the traditional square images. These images appear natively in your feed as you upload them (so without needing to add white frames via a 3rd party app as previously), but are  square cropped to centre in your gallery.  This is great news for group shots and widescreen videos and it means you don’t have to just consider the square for composition. However, not everyone is happy with this – some shaking their heads about the loss of Insta’s square format while others are frustrated with the lack of choice for the gallery thumbnail.

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Changes to Direct Messaging

While many people have focussed on the format, Instagram has made some other incredibly powerful changes to the platform.

While scrolling through your feed you can now tap the arrow button to send a photo via DM. This makes Instagram’s direct mail a much more social place. Send photos to your friends directly from your feed.  You can also send photos to yourself, instead of taking a screenshot, to keep your  inspiration in one handy place.

Locations are the New Hashtags

Instagram has also enabled a search by location function. This means that geotagging your photos is now a great way to get discovered. Instagram uses Facebook Places, so if you are a business with a bricks and mortar shop, its a good idea to add your location to that so people can tag your location. Our advice is to start geotagging your photos now, because as in the early days of hastagging, its going to be a great way for other users to find you.

The other great news is that you can now tag older photos with their actual location rather than just the location you are when you post them and you don’t have to go through a 3rd party app like Mappr to do it.  Simply search by location name.

Speaking of searching, make sure to check out the awesome improvements to the search and explore functions, making it easier to find photos, people and places, as well as other awesome accounts to connect with.



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