Announcing Sudo at Blogtacular

Sudo App at Blogtacular

Today at Blogtacular we are thrilled to announce that SudoApp will be joining us at Blogtacular 2016.

Sudo is a brand new messaging app that provides you with complete email addresses, and customized global phone numbers that allows you to call and text anywhere in the world for free. Sudo also has a built-in secure browser that enables you to explore and discover everything the world has to offer. Sudo gives you the power to search, shop, sell and socialize—in private and in control.

Excited to connect with @SudoApp at @Blogtacular! Love the idea of an app to keep your details private. #blogtacular #sudorevolution Click To Tweet

Sudo at Blogtacular


We love the freedom that Sudo gives you online. You can take business calls without giving out your personal number or sign up for services without exposing your email to spam lists.

Being in contact without losing your privacy is huge and I’m sure you can see why SudoApp is the preferred messaging app for Blogtacular 2016. Please go to the iTunes store and download Sudo for timely updates before, during and after Blogtacular.

Sudo is brand new to the UK market. The Sudo team is looking to you for unique ideas to spread the word about Sudo and ultimately drive downloads. You will be able to pitch your ideas directly to Sudo to work with them on paid partnerships in the future.

To make sure you have all of the tools you need for a successful pitch Blogtacular are hosting a webinar on Thursday 26th May at 8pm BST. You will find out more about the campaign and be able to ask questions directly with Sudo VP of Consumer Strategy, Flora Lels. Sign up for webinar notifications and we’ll send you the link, reminders and the replay in case you miss it.

Sudo will have a stand at the conference on Saturday. At the West Elm welcome party on Friday night they are partnering with us to bring you amazing paper crafts. We will be announcing party details soon so keep your eyes peeled.

You can connect with Sudo on Twitter, FacebookInstagram and download it from iTunes.