Amazing and Useful Apps for Blogging

These days, blogging on the move has become easier with apps to write, read and share content so much of blogging can take place from your phone or tablet. With the help of our chatters on our weekly #blogtacular twitter chat, we’ve rounded up  some of the most useful apps out there.

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Apps for Blog Reading

We asked our chatters which apps are their go-to ones – those they open first in the morning and look at as they nod off to sleep.

Instagram and twitter are wildly popular. But overall, content sharing apps are the most popular for those early mornings and late night reading – with Bloglovin’, Feedly and news apps also being popular.

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For blog reading, our chatters love Bloglovin‘. Some of their reasons:

  • I think Bloglovin’ has a nice social aspect with the ability to follow people. @hugsarefun
  • I love Bloglovin’ because its well organised+ can’t miss the posts of my favourite blogs. @ilanaontheroad
  • On desktop it allows you to move through from site to site, no click through on the app and its easier to comment. @cariemaymakes
  • Love that when my feed changed, they updated my subscribers. Google never did that, nor feedly. @katgold
  • I like the suggestions that Bloglovin’ makes after following a new blog. @archieandthehug

As popular as Bloglovin is, there were a lot of users of Feedly and many people just visit their favourite blogs.

Blogging on the Go

While there were clear favourites for reading blogs on the go, posting on mobile devices presented some clear challenges. Most chatters use the app associated with their host – Blogger, WordPress and Squarespace were all popular, but many voiced their struggles with blogging on the move.


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Many chatters do use their host apps or notetaking apps such as Evernote to organise or draft blog content.


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However, some go “old skool” and use the original app to draft content


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.28.38



Apps for Photo Editing

Camera phones have come a long way since the early days, and many bloggers are using their phones to capture content for their blogs.  With a wealth of editing apps out there, we asked our chatters which ones were their favourites.

VSCOcam was hugely popular, but many folks were also using Instagram, A Beautiful Mess and Camera+. People also really love Afterlight and Snapseed for more in-depth photo editing on their mobiles and tablets.


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One of our regular chatters, @cardboardcities, has recently done a round up of her favourite Android apps for photography as well.

Life Changing Apps:

There are some apps that are just so good, they cause earthquakes – shaking up your productivity and life in a way that a great app can.  Our chatters really love Buffer for its ability to schedule sharing across multiple platforms, Evernote for keeping track of everything and IFTTT to schedule everything (if you don’t know about IFTTT, check out chatter @moreaboutcat ‘s guide here).

Overall though, Instagram was extremely highly rated for the pure inspiration!


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