9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps

If, like us, your phone is rarely out of your hands and Instagram is the first and last site you visit every day then you’re no doubt always looking out for photo editing apps.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and Android

We have gathered nine of our absolute must-have photo editing phone apps which will give you the ultimate toolkit for phoneography. Currently these are all available for iPhone, we know Android takes a bit longer and hope to see all of them available for all phones soon.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidAdobe Photoshop Mix

iPhone – free // Android – not available

Photoshop is hailed as the most powerful editing tool of all time. Now you can get some of that power in the palm of your hand with the Photoshop Mix App.

With this app you can crop and adjust photos for exposure, contrast, clarity and saturation as well as a magic wand auto fix.

Beyond the standard edits Photoshop Mix has some nifty tools which you will love. With their looks you get a set of filters which you can apply to the whole image or selectively by sliding your finger across the photo. The second feature which will have you excited is the ability to cut out images and layer them over a second image. The app is excellent at cutting the edges as you paint in the section of the image to use.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidAfterlight

iPhone – £0.69 // Android – £0.59

Afterlight has a full range of standard adjustments exposure, contrast, saturation, brightness as well as some more specialised actions such as adjusting the tone of the highlights, mid tones and shadows.

It has a range of filters which are often added to by guest phoneographers. Add to this light leaks, dusty and instant film overlays and shape cut-out templates and you have one addictive app.


9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidAnticrop

iPhone – £0.69 // Android – not available

Ever taken a photo and wished you had a bit more space around it?

Anticrop is the app for you. It crops in reverse by taking an image and extending the edges like magic. Need a bit more sky? Anticrop will paint it in using data from the image to create a seamless image which seems impossible.

Anticrop is from the team behind TouchRetouch (below) and we expect it to follow its stablemate into the Android market soon.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidCortex Camera

iPhone – £1.99 // Android – not available

Cortex Camera is a nifty app for those of you who like to take long exposure images or shoot in low light.

It takes a stack of images and edits them together to create a higher resolution image without the noise of a single image.

This app is most remarkable as it can do all of this whilst being handheld. Add it to your camera kit and have some fun creating sharp night images.

See also: Average Camera Pro at £0.69 for iPhone which does a similar job but requires a tripod or steady surface.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidSKRWT

iPhone – £0.69 // Android – not available

If you love shooting buildings then this app is an absolute must-have for you. Skrwt is a perspective adjusting app which can take wonky, tilted photos and bring them into line.

It works by tilting the image along horizontal and vertical planes as well as correcting for a bulge distortion. You can use it to crop, straighten, rotate and add vignette.

Perfect for architecture photography as well as overhead shots.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidSnapseed

iPhone – free // Android – free

Snapseed is a free editing tool from Google which has long been seen as a free alternative to programmes such as Photoshop.

In the app you will find many of the features you’d expect to edit photos including adjustments, filters, straightening and effects.

Where it really comes into its own is with the selective adjust tool which allows you to apply brightness, contrast and saturation to individual parts of an image. Swipe up and don to change tools and left and right to decrease or increase the effect.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidSquaready

iPhone – free // Android – not available (try SquareIt)

If you’ve ever wondered how people manage to add non-square photos to Instagram this is the answer.

Squaready takes your images and allows you to crop them into a square. Whether you’re keeping the original aspect of the photo or cropping it off centre on a white background Squaready is your friend.

You can edit photos and add colours and frames as well before saving to camera roll or uploading directly to Instagram.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidTouchRetouch

iPhone – £0.69 // Android – £0.59

Got the perfect shot except for an annoying pipe in the background? Need to tidy up a skyline littered with cranes? TouchRetouch is a perfectly formed app designed to erase annoying elements without the hassle.

Using lasso, brush or eraser you can adjust the size of your tool and simply wipe out sections of your photo.

It’s so effective and an absolute steal – great for fixing photos in super fast time.

9 Must Have Photo Editing Apps for iPhone and AndroidVSCO Cam

iPhone – free // Android – free

VSCO has to be one of our favourite apps of all time.

Their film-esq presets and complete editing toolkit ensures that quite often the only tool we use before uploading to Instagram.

What sets it apart is that all edits are non-destructive meaning that you can go back into the app at any time and remove some or all of your edits without changing the original image file.

Their range of filters evokes the effects of film in a way not other app manages and you could be forgiven for buying all of the additional presets available.

Not only is VSCO Cam an amazing editing tool but it has a superb community attached on their Grid.

What are your favourite photo editing apps? Let us know so we can get in on the action!