5 Things to Check Before You Hit Publish

5 things to check before hitting publish on your blog post - blogtacular.com

1. Do you have share-worthy images?

Make sure at least one of your images is optimised for Pinterest. That means its portrait orientation (long and thin) and for added pinability, it could have a call to arms on the photo itself. Facebook and Twitter show landscape images best (and Facebook limits the amount of text in a photo), so have a good mix of images for maximum shareability.

Note: Squarespace users, you need to add a thumbnail photo under “Options” to ensure your post can be pinned on mobile devices.

2. Is your post SEO-friendly?

SEO isn’t the dark art it is sometimes made out to be.  Just make sure your title and content reflects what you are posting about. For example, if you are writing about a recent trip the title “Paris: My Favourite City” will do better than “My Favourite City” in search results.

3. Have you added alt-text and titles to your images?

Alt-text forms the content of the caption on Pinterest and image titles help your images show up on Google image search.

4. Have you included a good mix of links?

Linking to old posts in new ones is a great way to revisit old content that would otherwise be lost.  Also, make your post useful and have some appropriate outside links to posts and sites you fond useful. Don’t forget to add appropriate affiliate links as well.

5. Have you spell checked and proof-read your post?

I know, it seems so basic, but there are few things worse than getting an email from a reader informing you that you have misused “their”. Trust us, reread and spell check before you hit “Publish”