5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Blog

5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for Your Blog From Blogtacular

It’s that time of year when the sap is rising and we get the urge to clean. What better time to give your blog a quick once over? Here are five tasks to keep your blog spick and span at any time of year.

1 Refresh Your About Page

As your most visited page after your home page your about page should be up to date at all times. Double check all of your information is correct and reflects you at this moment in time. Keep contact and work details up to date. Finally, is your photo in need of replacement? Spring is a great time to take advantage of low soft light for portraits.

2 Update Colours and Branded Images

Rebranding every year is not necessary but you might want to refresh your colour palette, or switch out which accents you’re using on the site. Update images you’re using on static pages or in the sidebar so they reflect your current work and look.

3 Check for Broken Links

When you have been blogging for a while you’ll build up a few links which are broken or no longer lead to a live page on the web. There are loads of reasons why this might happen, most frequently it’s because a product is no longer on sale or a site has closed down. There’s nothing worse than sending readers to non-existent pages so sweep them clean.

You can either install a plugin or use a broken link checking site like Broken Link Check to sweep your site. Once you have identified all of the broken links on your site you can go into each post and remove the links.

4 Update Images on Popular Posts

Pinterest and Google Image search keep your content alive. If you have old posts which still receive lots of traffic take a look at the images. Are they in line with the pictures you create now? Are they portrait to take best advantage of pinning? Do they show your blog in its best light?

Now is the time to re-shoot popular posts, tutorials and recipes which still bring in the readers so that they are seeing your best work no matter when the post was written.

5 Clean up Sidebars and Footers

Take a look at your sidebar and footer, they are visible on every single page view – is it time for a tidy up?

Consider how your sidebar looks alongside your content. Does it add to the reader experience? Think about removing old blog badges, updating your social media buttons, adding some clear navigation to your best content and make sure everything is sized equally and on the same alignment.

If your footer is in need of a spruce you might want to install a widgetized footer plugin (WordPress only – sorry other platform users) to make the job easy. You can add in navigation, your best posts, recent content and sign up forms – great for themes which lose their sidebar on mobile view.

Now that your blog has had the cobwebs blown away you’ll be ready for a new season of blogging. Have fun and remember to give it another tune up in six months time.