10 Tips for an Awesome Photowalk

An instawalk with friends is one of the most fun ways to spend an afternoon. Finding interesting compositions and playing in front of the camera can’t be beaten.

At Blogtacular we have a photowalk each year where bloggers take over the streets literally stopping traffic with their antics. In 2015 the walk is led by Xanthe Berkeley and Samee Latham who, together with West Elm, will be in search of London Scenes.

To get everyone in the mood (and for your very own photowalk) here are Xanthe’s tips for having fun on a photowalk.


1. Charge your batteries and clear your memory. You won’t want the fun to be cut short by your camera running out of space.

2. Dress for all weathers, you want to be prepared for rain or shine.

3. Wear fun or colourful outfits especially if you are on a walk where you’ll be photographing each other. You want shoes that are either comfy or photogenic depending on your preference.

4. Take water, snacks or even both. You don’t want to feel drained or have to stop for a drink halfway along a walk.

5. Relax and feel free to get your camera out. Everyone is at different levels and that’s ok. Photowalks are about having fun and seeing the world around you in a different way. Don’t get caught up on comparing your skills or equipment. Feel free to ask questions about gear, apps and what you like to shoot. Most people are willing to share.


6. Shoot your surroundings in different ways – look up, get in close, shoot wide, shoot along the ground. Try and capture what you see in a creative way. Try and shoot something new to you. Look for interesting light, textures, shapes, lines and colours. See how other people on the walk approach the same subject differently and try something new.

7. If you like photographing people ask someone to pose for you and then swap over. No one really likes having their picture taken, but most people like to practice. Have fun with people photos – make portraits and try group shots. If you feel nervous in front of the camera try having just one person take your picture instead of the whole group.

8. A good photowalk is equal parts shooting and conservation. Chat and make friends, but also take photos!

9. Shoot in abundance, play and experiment. You never know what blog posts your photos will inspire or which images you’ll want to upload so shoot everything and have fun with trying new things.

10. Finally. There are no rules really, and often it’s the spontaneous element which is wonderful.