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Meet Team Blogtacular.

It takes a lot of hard work to make the conference run as smoothly as it does and our team are second to none. At the conference the team will be on hand to create the best day possible for everyone attending.

Sarah Williams

Sarah has been part of our volunteer team since the very first Blogtacular. She has been crucial in shaping customer experience and streamlining the volunteer team. You’ll find Sarah on the Blogtacular Merch Stall selling goodies by Blogtacular and Blogtacular attendees.

Kelly Cheesley

Instagram | Twitter

Kelly has worked for Blogtacular for three years as a freelance Assistant and Event Coordinator. She is a textiles student and mum of two. Her work will be on display at Festival of Quilts this summer. She loves binge watching TV shows, sewing, drawing and walking. Her spirit animal is a Sloth.

Kat Molesworth

Website | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kat is co-founder and director of Blogtacular. In addition to managing operations here at Blogtacular Kat consults for brands on blogger outreach, coaches business owners and is a photographer. In her spare time, Kat is a Mama, blogger, YouTuber, colour hunter, style icon & colossal know it all.

Heather Young

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Heather is an an experienced interiors journalist and multi-award winning blogger who lives and breathes all things home. She is a no-nonsense craft and DIY junkie and shares her top decorating tips and easy DIY projects at Growing Spaces.

Emily Davidson

Website | Instagram | Twitter

Emily is joining us for her second year as a volunteer at Blogtacular. She describes herself as chatty, opinionated, a good friend, tries to be kind. Likes Radio 4, yarn, tea, coffee and laughing. Usually found breaking stuff, building Playmobil or crocheting or chatting on Instagram stories and trying to avoid grown up stuff. We also know she is amazing at putting up balloon letters.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Twitter | Instagram | Website

With over a decade of experience in the media industry under her glittery belt, Momtaz has worked in print journalism, broadcast and online. She is the Author of two published books, Founder of London craft night The Make Escape and blogs at Craft and Travel, which focuses on international art, craft, design and fashion. Momtaz’s hair colour changes with the seasons.

Thabang Motsei-Pauls


Thabang Motsei-Pauls is an award winning international journalist turned digital entrepreneur whose work has been recognised in media and named as one of the 100 most influential Africans by New African Woman Magazine. My House of Awesome was created to share a genuine, awesome and inspiring elegance, of an accessible lifestyle, through visual media.

Coral Fowley


Coral Fowley is a surface print and pattern designer. Coral’s creativity is heavily research based, her work questions the connections between the perception of colour and the application of colour. Coral is currently Artist in Residence at the School of Craft and Design, Farnham and a licentiate member of the Society of Designer Craftsmen.

Natasha Taneka

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Super inquisitive and with an eye for the exceptional, Natasha Taneka has chosen to use her years of experience in international relations, business and endless globe trotting to share her views on how we can better lead an impactful lifestyle. From sustainable consumption and wellness to the life changing experiences of less well traveled locations, she writes about the beautiful and challenging moments of life, reveling in the unpredictable and unusual. Her website is which in her traditional Zimbabwean dialect means “You ain’t seen nothing yet”…we heartily agree!

Visual Team

Amber-Rose Smith

Website | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Photographer with a love for capturing people, travel and lifestyle. Working with global fashion brands along with blogging and influencer extraordinaries.

Charlotte Armitage


Charlotte is a London-based filmmaker specialising in videography for websites and social media and broadcast.

She brings over 10 years broadcast and commercial experience to her freelance video production work and absolutely loves what she does.

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