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Meet Team Blogtacular.

It takes a lot of hard work to make the conference run as smoothly as it does and our team are second to none. At the conference the team will be on hand to create the best day possible for everyone attending.

Kat Molesworth

Website | YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Kat is co-founder and director of Blogtacular. In addition to managing operations here at Blogtacular Kat consults for brands on blogger outreach, coaches business owners and is a photographer. In her spare time, Kat is a Mama, blogger, YouTuber, colour hunter, style icon & colossal know it all.

Dora from Team Blogtacular

Dora White

Instagram | Twitter

Dora is the newest member of the team and works as a Virtual Assistant and Event Coordinator.  A self confessed yarn addict, she is a crochet designer and blogger with a love of colour and whimsy.  Dora has a mission to champion the impact that creative pursuits have on wellbeing and mental health.

Sarah Williams

Sarah has been part of our volunteer team since the very first Blogtacular. She has been crucial in shaping customer experience and streamlining the volunteer team. You’ll find Sarah on the Blogtacular Merch Stall selling goodies by Blogtacular and Blogtacular attendees.

Kelly Cheesley

Instagram | Twitter

Kelly has worked for Blogtacular for three years as a freelance Assistant and Event Coordinator. She is a textiles student and mum of two. Her work will be on display at Festival of Quilts this summer. She loves binge watching TV shows, sewing, drawing and walking. Her spirit animal is a Sloth.

Natasha Taneka

Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Super inquisitive and with an eye for the exceptional, Natasha Taneka has chosen to use her years of experience in international relations, business and endless globe trotting to share her views on how we can better lead an impactful lifestyle. From sustainable consumption and wellness to the life changing experiences of less well traveled locations, she shares the beautiful and challenging moments of life, revelling in the unpredictable and unusual.

Hannah Otto at Blogtacular

Hannah Otto

Twitter | Instagram | Website

Hannah is a blogger, Instagrammer and mama to two little girls, usually found taking pictures of her home once all the plastic toys have been stuffed behind a cushion!  She documents their crazy, slightly sleep deprived, renovation lives humorously on her blog and helps others with tips and advice who are going through a similar process themselves.  When she’s not painting, rearranging her home, or playing with her children, she also works part-time as a social media assistant.

Momtaz Begum-Hossain

Twitter | Instagram | Website

With over a decade of experience in the media industry under her glittery belt, Momtaz has worked in print journalism, broadcast and online. She is the Author of two published books, Founder of London craft night The Make Escape and blogs at Craft and Travel, which focuses on international art, craft, design and fashion. Momtaz’s hair colour changes with the seasons.

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  • We love to showcase indie business at Blogtacular and give them the same space opportunity as big brands to connect with bloggers at conferences. You’ve met the goody bag contributors and now let me introduce our 2018 Market Place! We were joined by five indies all of whom were showing and selling their products at the conference. The whole space was buzzing with Yuk Fun, Notes Beauty, The Fabric Fox, South Island Art and Capture by Lucy Backdrops all showing at the conference. #blogtacular
  • We pride ourselves on how smoothly Blogtacular runs and it wouldn’t be possible without this team of wonderful people. Dora has been working with us over the last couple of months to plan the event, Sarah & Claudia have been with us since the very first event streamlining the customer experience and operations, Momtaz & Natasha joined us for a second year to host rooms alongside Alex who took on our third room this year and Hannah joined the ops team alongside Mr Kat to make sure everything was where it was meant to be. We are so grateful to our team for giving up their time, energy and ideas to make our conference the best it can be. #blogtacular
  • Holy moly - what an incredible event! We filled two days with colour, fun, friendship and so much learning. Huge thanks to everyone who came to the conference and everyone who worked so hard to make it a truly exceptional event. You really are what gives Blogtacular its spirit and the reason we’ve loved every minute of all five conferences. Over the next few days we’ll be sharing moments from the conference and some exciting news for future events but for now, we’re going to bask in the happy glow of your positive energy! #blogtacular .
Photo @will_ireland_photo
  • This year’s winning goody bag design chosen by our esteemed judges was created by........ @jacquelinecolley. We love the detail in the pattern! #blogtacular
  • This year’s goody bags were bursting with beautiful gifts. Huge thank you to the indie businesses who contributed #blogtacular
  • And finally, @natasha_nuttall led a colourful crew through the streets on North London with stop at @presentandcorrect for a stationery fix! Check out #blogtacularphotowalknorth to catch up on the fun #blogtacular #blogtacularphotowalk

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