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Samee Lapham

Instagrammer & Graphic Designer - Samee Lapham

Samee Lapham is a Sydney-born London-based freelance graphic designer with a growing love for urban & lifestyle photography. Embracing social platforms such as Instagram and VSCO, Samee has been able to share her interesting view of everyday landscapes; from the cosy facades of London homes, to the charming canals of Venice.

Samee, who has been featured as a Suggested User on Instagram as a result of her endearing yet evocative imagery, is also the creator of the hashtag #neighbourhoodnumbers which has garnered the attention of Instagrammers from all over the world.

Continually broadening her skill set, Samee has hopes of developing a symbiotic relationship between her photography, design and writing.

Samee, together with Xanthe Berkeley, will be leading the early morning photowalk. The session is a celebration of London, camera play and colour sponsored by West Elm.

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