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Welcome to the 2017 Schedule, packed full of interesting workshops and talks.

You will be given a programme on the day which contains everything you need to find your way between sessions.

Blogtacular 2017 Sample Schedule

Details as below and you can check out speaker bios for more about the person behind the workshop.

08:30 - 09:30

Breakfast & Networking

We’ll welcome you with a veritable smorgasboard to start the day. Food will be served in The Hub alongside the Market Place and Creative Genius Bar.

Energiser Breakfast Menu:

Beurre d’Isigny pain au chocolate, croissants, pain au raisin
Giant olive wood platter of charcuterie & cheese
Assortment of artisan breads, pickles, mustard, sea salt butter
Seasonal poached fruit compotes, organic muesli, honey
Flavoured Greek yogurts, toasted seeds, super food powders
Homemade hempseed granola, honey, macadamia, pecans, cashews
Buttermilk Bircher muesli, sour morello cherries
Whole fruit market stall
Lavazza coffee, Taylor’s English & herbal tea

09:40 - 10:40

Keynote – Natalie Lue

10:40 - 11:10

Morning Break

Enjoy unlimited tea and coffee accompanied by a range of delicious snacks. In The Hub you can browse the Market Place and get some advice on The Creative Genius Bar.

Workshops 11:10 - 12:10

How to Survive Blogging Life (and Stay Sane)

We haven’t evolved for the onslaught of FOMO, compare/despair, disappointment, social media noise or the drama of blogging life. It can be exhausting trying to navigate your way through the pitfalls. This panel discussion with Alison Perry, Sunita Harley and Emma Gannon will shine a light in the darkness.

Join the fun and lively discussion and breathe a sigh of relief!

The Foundations of Marketing

In this workshop Kayte Ferris will demystify marketing. What might seem like a daunting topic is made simple with Kayte’s advice. She will take you through a number of different principles which will help you successfully market your blog or business.

This is the session for you if you want to grow your audience, target the right people for your brand and focus your efforts on what works.

Writing From the Heart


How to put soul and sass into your writing. Greta Solomon will help you understand how to fill your words with personality and authenticity.

Learn how to connect with your readers in a soulful way in a workshop which takes the principles of songwriting writing and brings them to life in your work.

How to Scale Blogger & Influencer Marketing

Industry Session

Join Jan Homann and Simon Staib of blogfoster who will take you through what to consider when working with influencers and why influencer marketing is not the same as PR.

This session is brought to you by blogfoster.

12:10 - 13:30

Lunch in The Hub

We have loads of time to eat and get to know each other as well as browse the Market Place and get some advice on The Creative Genius Bar.

Mezze Lunch Menu:

  • Roasted salmon pea risotto, lemon butter and pea shoots
  • Gnocchi, asparagus, cured risotto, spring peas, truffle oil
  • Keralan curry, red lentils, yellow peas, spinach

Accompaied by:

Giant olive wood charcuterie

Griddled Mediterranean vegetable antipasti, balsamic reduction

Marinated olives & sun baked tomatoes

House salads & dressings

Artisan breads, sea salt butter

For Dessert:

Raspberry chocolate mousse, sesame and sea salt brittle

Accompanied by:

British farmhouse slate, crackers, balsamic red onion chutney

Whole fruit market stall

Workshops 13:30 - 14:30

Working With Brands


An insider’s guide to creating, pitching and executing exceptional partnerships. Lucy Nicholls know the ins and outs of these relationships as both a blogger and an outreach manager. She will help you understand how brands work, how they make decisions and why they might pick you.

After this session you will have a raft of tools and knowledge to help you to brand partnership success.


Establishing Your Niche


Niche is something you hear a lot about but never really get told how to work it to your advantage. Cath Dean, editor at Mollie Makes, will help you identify and stand out in your niche. She will show you techniques used by publications to find their point of difference in the market and then how to aim your work at a specific audience.

This session is brought to you by Mollie Makes.

Storytelling on Instagram

Want to figure out how your instagram could work harder without dedicating five hours a day to it? This session is all about developing a visual narrative which gives your followers what they are looking for on the platform.

Katy English will help you understand how each of your images fits into a bigger picture when it comes to creating for Instagram.

How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes in Influencer Marketing

What are the biggest mistakes being made in influencer marketing today? Jan Homann, CEO of blogfoster will share his experience from over 10,000 influencer campaigns. You will gain key insights to emerging challenges within the sponsored content industry and understand how to tackle them.

This session is brought to you by blogfoster.

14:30 - 14:45

Short Comfort Break

Workshops 14:45 - 16:15

Creative Business Masterclass

Want to build the business of your dreams? Feeling overwhelmed by just how much there is to do? Let Kim Lawler, Rachel Basinger and Nikki McWilliams walk you through a masterclass in running a business.

From three creative entrepreneurs you’ll learn about community, collaboration and balance as well as finding out which tools help you get the job done. There will be lots of participation, make sure you bring you business cards…



This workshop is for anyone who finds self-doubt is getting in the way of their creative dreams. Self-doubt commonly shows up as procrastination, hiding, obsessive scrolling, watching from the sidelines, feeling overwhelmed. It can foster feelings of shame, longing and disappointment. Mostly it leaves us feeling really bloody lonely.

Sas Petherick will share what self-doubt is and why it shows up for creatives. Then she will take you through a guided process to uncover their particular flavour of self-doubt.

Video Workshop


This hands on workshop will give you the basics of shooting, editing and uploading your films from the palm of your hand. With expert guidance from Xanthe Berkeley you’ll work in groups to shoot footage and then edit it live in class.

Planning on taking this class? Here’s a checklist of things you will need:

  • Download Adobe Premiere Clip to your phone and create a free Adobe account.
  • Headphones – you’ll be editing live and it can get noisy!
  • Music – if you want a particular track have it on your phone.
  • Charger & battery pack – your battery will drain fast so have a back up like this.
  • Optional – Gorilla Pod or phone tripod, there will be some to share.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

This workshop is all about using Adobe Illustrator to make your blog design sparkle.

The graphic style of a blog is as important as blog photography. You’ll develop skills in manipulating graphics, working with color tools and typography in a workshop led by Ike Sikuade.

The session will focus on the basics of Adobe Illustrator to create key design elements for blogs including logos, headers, media packs, printables, blog badges and more. You will end the session with a good working knowledge of using Illustrator for your blog design.

16:15 - 16:45

Afternoon Break

Enjoy unlimited tea and coffee accompanied by a range of delicious snacks. In The Hub you can browse the Market Place and get some advice on The Creative Genius Bar.

16:50 - 17:50

Keynote – Emma Gannon

17:50 - 18:00

Group Photo & Farewell


Q: Do I need to book workshops?

A: No, just get yourself into the right room on the day. The photowalk is the exception to this rule.

Q: So how do I get on the photowalk?

A: The photowalk is a pre-conference session setting off from an undisclosed location in London. The photowalk is allocated on a lottery basis. You will receive details of this via the newsletter.

Q: I’m arriving later in the morning. What should I do?

A: You will be able to register at the information desk throughout the day. If you arrive after the doors have closed to sessions we ask you to enter quietly to avoid distracting the speakers.

Q: Do all workshops have enough space for everyone?

A: Space is limited in workshop rooms so once they are full you will need to make a different choice.

Q: I would like to know more about a speaker.

A: Check out our speakers and click on the photos or names to go to each speaker’s bio.

Q: I couldn’t make it to Blogtacular and it’s making me gnash my teeth in envy, will we be able to see sessions online after the event?

A: We will have details of online sessions via the mailing list following Blogtacular. Sign up to hear about how you can get a virtual ticket after the event.

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