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Join Kat as she explores the lives of creative bloggers and indie business owners. The Blogtacular Podcast is a celebration of the effort that goes into creative work and the community.

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Presented by: Kat Molesworth

Theme music by: Breakmaster Cylinder

Season 1 edited by: Steve Molesworth and Maco McAleece

Season two edited by Maco McAleece

The Blogtacular Podcast: interviews with creative bloggers and business owners

Latest Episodes

Zeena Shah on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 022: Zeena Shah

Zeena Shah is a printed textile designer, author and entrepreneur. She studied at Chelsea School of Art and worked for various fashion, textile, and design studios before setting up business for herself in 2010. She creates and sells hand printed textiles and interiors products for the home. As well as designing for and running her…

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Allison Sadler on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 021: Allison Sadler

Allison Sadler is a shop owner, designer maker and lifestyle blogger as well as being a creative mentor. At art college she met the love of her life Mr Christian and together they began their first creative business. First selling at markets and later opening The People Shop in Kings Heath. The People Shop has…

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Edd Kimber The Boy Who Bakes on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 020: Edd Kimber

  Edd Kimber is a food writer, author, blogger and winner of the first Great British Bake Off. Originally from Yorkshire he now lives in London and is working on his fourth book. Edd has written a multitude of publications including BBC Good Food, Waitrose Kitchen and Delicious. He can frequently be seen on TV…

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Episode 019: Camila Prada

  Camila Prada is a Ceramicist and an Online Entrepreneur. She was born in Canada and lived in the Caribbean and Spain throughout her childhood. She studied at Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto where her childhood love of modelling clay turned into a passion for Ceramics. When she decided to take up…

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Emma Gannon on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 018: Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon was born in the same year as the internet. Her 2016 book Ctrl Alt Delete charts how she grew up alongside the world wide web. In the course of her career she has worked for agencies, been the voice of Dove and has been social media editor at The Debrief and British Glamour….

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Philippa Stanton on the Blogtacular Podcast

Episode 017: Philippa Stanton 5ftinf

Philippa Stanton has a career spanning many disciplines. Many will know her work on instagram as 5ftinf or her work as a synaesthetic painter, you may have even seen her at The Globe or on the Boots Christmas advert as an actor. She has lived in Brighton for the last 15 years and shares her…

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