Blogtacular Meets…Aby from You Baby, Me Mummy

We are excited to bring you the next interview in our series highlighting the people who make Blogtacular awesome. Today, we are chatting to Aby Moore, blogger behind You Baby Me Mummy, social media manager and Blogtacular 2015 attendee!

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1. Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog:

I write You Baby Me Mummy, a Parenting and Lifestyle blog, covering various aspects of family life, whatever I fancy writing about really. My 2 year old daughter features heavily!

2. What made you decide to start blogging in the first place?

A friend had started writing in a baby book, sort of scrap booking and I wanted the same keepsake and thought I would do it online. I looked into blogs and though no-one will ever read it, but it will be lovely to create and to look back on in the future.



3. We always love hearing about how blogs got their names. How did you decide on yours?

I was literally on the wordpress website waiting to set up my blog, so I could recording our memories and needed a name. Our daughter’s nickname is Baby and so in a few minutes I played around with some options, coming up with You Baby Me Mummy. I still don’t know if it’s any good, but I have had good feedback. I didn’t know at the start that my blog would take off and that it would be an important decision. In the future I am changing my tagline, to try to make it clear it is not a baby blog, but her name.

4. What has been your biggest blogging challenge?

Time, time and time. I find blogging addictive and the more you do and the more success you have the more you need and want to do. Looking after my daughter full time (with no childcare or help when hubby goes to work) and publishing three times a day can be a challenge!


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5. Over your time blogging, what has been your biggest blogging success? It could be an award, a post that you think really struck a chord or just a “YES!” moment from your blogging experience?

I was very lucky at the end of last year to win the Best Non-Dad blog in the Love All Dads Annual Blog awards. My most viewed post of all time is Blogging; A Full time job? which seems to have struck a cord with lots of people.

6. Tell us about your blogging routine. Do you us an editorial calendar? Do you plan in advance or blog it as it happens?

I usually end up publishing three times a day, as I have reviews, sponsored content and regular features that I have on certain days. I couldn’t survive without my Editorial Calendar Plugin for WP. I always have between two to four weeks planned out, although not written – the draft posts will be there in place to remind me! I also pop last minute things in where necessary and possible.

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7. We’d love to see and hear about where you blog.

I blog in every spare minute I have and almost every evening until gone midnight, so a desk doesn’t really work for me, as I feel it would take me away from my husband even more. So at the moment I have my computer set up on the arm of the couch and this is my ‘desk’. I also blog from a table in the car, while my daughter naps. I usually end up getting a drive thru tea and sitting in the car park! Oh the glamour!

8. What are your blogging goals for 2015?

At the start of the year I became a professional blogger, so in 2015 I would like to increase my number of freelance contracts and continue to build partnerships with brands and my blog.

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9. If you could give new bloggers one top tip, what would it be?

Decide what you want from blogging. Realise that to be successful takes A LOT of work. If you haven’t got the time, keep it as a hobby and don’t get drawn into stats and ranks etc. I have seen so many people who continually compare themselves to others and end up being disappointed. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we all have a different amount of time and effort to put into our blogs. Try to keep enjoying yours whether it is you hobby or your business.

10. What made you push the “Buy Now” button on your ticket for Blogtacular 2015?

I saw all the tweets and write ups about last year and I really regret not going. Blogtacular seems different to many other conferences and I can’t wait to experience it myself.

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11. How has blogging changed your life?

Completely and utterly changed my life. Blogging has given me a voice, the most amazing genuine friends, fabulous opportunities and the ability to make my hobby my job.

12. Which 3 blogs do you read every week without fail.

I read so many blogs that I can’t narrow it down to just three. Snowing Indoors, Mums’ Days, Beautwins, Mrs Hs Favourite Things, Mummy Daddy Me, but there are so many amazing blogs that I always read.


You can find Aby: You Baby Me Mummy | Instagram | Twitter  | Facebook | Pinterest | You Tube