Twitter Announces Changes to 140 Characters

Twitter Changes 140 Character Limit

Twitter released details today of long speculated changes to the 140 characters. Now don’t panic; the 140 limit is still in force, it’s just a little more flexible. Currently when you tweet with an @mention, link or photo you would use up characters for each of them. Now twitter are allowing you to add in…

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Announcing Sudo at Blogtacular

Sudo at Blogtacular

Today at Blogtacular we are thrilled to announce that SudoApp will be joining us at Blogtacular 2016. Sudo is a brand new messaging app that provides you with complete email addresses, and customized global phone numbers that allows you to call and text anywhere in the world for free. Sudo also has a built-in secure…

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Google Clarifies Links for Blog Reviews

Important Read for all Bloggers. Google have clarified their linking policy for review posts.

Last week Google clarified their position on linking from review posts. If you are blogging about products which you have been sent or experiences which you did not pay for this applies to you. We know what the law is in the UK and the ASA have previously offered guidance to bloggers. Now Google have published…

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Stop What You Are Doing and Try Pinterest’s Visual Search Tool

Pinterest Visual Search is Unreal. Stop What You are Doing, You Have to Try This!

Pinterest is my number one destination for planning and dreaming. I’m not alone, with over 10 million monthly active users in the UK alone Pinterest is booming right now. There is so much great stuff happening at Pinterest UK over the next few months but one soft product launch caught my eye last week. You can…

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Working with an Illustrator for Blog Design

Work with an Illustrator to Create Unique Blog Graphics and Artwork - some really useful tips for briefing and how much you can expect to pay!

If you are looking for a way to make your blog look unique and truly your own then you might want to consider working with a illustrator to create some custom graphics for your blog. There are many ways you can use illustrations to brighten up your blog and add a personal touch. Emma Block for…

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